Episode 28 - TechEd 2014 Announcements

by Sujit D'Mello May 14, 2014

Azure ExpressRoute General Availability:

  • Announcing new partnerships with:
    • TelecityGroup and SingTel to expand ExpressRoute’s reach in Europe and APAC
    • Zadara to allows Azure customers to use Zadara storage via ExpressRoute in the U.S. 


Azure Compute-intensive A8 & A9 Virtual Machines General Availability for virtual machines.


Azure Files - Public Preview - enables virtual machines in an Azure datacenter to mount a shared file system using the SMB protocol.   


Azure Import/Export - General Availability


Microsoft Antimalware and security partnership with Trend Micro and Symantec - Public Preview.


  • Deep integration for Trend’s Deep Security™ and SecureCloud™ products in the Azure platform.  Additionally, Microsoft is also working to integrate PortalProtect™ with Azure.  
  • Symantec End Point Protection (SEP) is being supported on Azure. Through deep portal integration, customers have the ability to specify that they intend to use SEP within a VM.


Internal Load balancing - Public Preview.  Provides the ability to load balance Azure virtual machines with private IP addresses.


Virtual Networking features - General Availability of multiple site-to-site VPN and VNET-to-VNET connectivity. 


IP Reservation for VIPs and Instance-level public IP’s for Virtual Machines – General Availability:


  • Customers can now reserve public IP addresses and use them as virtual IP (VIP) addresses for their applications.
  • With Instance-level Public IPs for VMs, customers can now assign public IP addresses to their virtual machines, so they become directly addressable without having to map an endpoint.


Azure Site Recovery (formerly Hyper-V Recovery Manager) – New features announced:


  • Today, Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager provides a disaster recovery solution for customers which helps protect the availability of System Center private clouds. 
  • In June a public preview of new features will enable customers to replicate virtual machines from their primary site directly to Azure, instead of a second customer site. 


Azure RemoteApp: New service delivering remote applications from the Azure cloud - business applications run on Windows Server in the Azure cloud where they’re easier to scale and update. Employees install Microsoft Remote Desktop clients on their Internet-connected laptop, tablet, or phone—and can then access applications as if they were running locally. 


API Management - Public preview - new service enabling organizations to publish APIs to developers, partners and employees securely and at scale. 


Azure Cache Services:


  •  General Availability for Azure Managed Cache service.
  • Azure Redis Cache service is available in Public Preview. 
  • Azure Shared Caching Service will be retired in September 2014 and with it the Microsoft’s Silverlight-based portal. 


Azure Traffic Manager - General Availability - supports both Azure endpoints and external endpoints.


BizTalk Hybrid Connections- Public Preview of BizTalk Hybrid Connections – this new Azure service enables cloud services to more securely, quickly, and easily integrate Azure cloud solutions with on-premises applications. With no custom code required, Hybrid Connections enables customers to connect to any on-premises TCP or HTTP resource—such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or any web service—from Azure Web Sites.


Windows Client VMs for MSDN Subscribers: Virtual machine images for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are now available in the Azure virtual machine gallery for MSDN subscribers.



Media File: http://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode28.mp3




VM Depot is a community-driven catalog of preconfigured operating systems, applications, and development stacks that can easily be deployed on Windows Azure. Find your favorite software and deploy it in minutes, or join the community, build a virtual machine image, and share it with others.



VM Depot is brought to you by Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation. The virtual machine images on this site are provided and licensed to you by community members. Microsoft Open Technologies does not screen these images for security, compatibility or performance, and does not provide any license rights or support for them.






RemoteApp demo: https://www.remoteapp.windowsazure.com/ClientDownload/WindowsDemo.aspx



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