Episode 148 - Cognitive Services

by Evan Basalik October 14, 2016

We talk to Anna Roth, a PM with the Azure Cognitive Services team. She gives is the low-down on these amazing services that can literally transform most businesses. 


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Other updates:

Linux support in Azure App Service
 Azure App Service Companion preview
 Azure Stream Analytics query testing now available in the new portal

Azure Stream Analytics query testing now available in the new portal

Keeping up with Azure Government: September Highlights

Azure PowerShell 3.0.0–Highlights and breaking changes

Azure Backup hosts Ask Me Anything session

Deep Neural Network in Azure

Running the MEAN stack on Microsoft Azure (Part I)

 Getting Started with Temporal Tables in Azure SQL Database documentation webpage. To use temporal retention, customers can visit the Manage temporal history with retention policy documentation webpage.
UltraPerformance Gateway tier for Azure ExpressRoute generally available
The UltraPerformance Gateway connects a virtual network to an Azure ExpressRoute circuit and provides five times the network throughput of the HighPerformance Gateway. Customers can now deploy more network-intensive workloads in their virtual networks. ExpressRoute UltraPerformance Gateway is currently available in the West Central US and Central US regions and can be linked to ExpressRoute circuits located in Chicago, Illinois and Dallas, Texas. More Azure regions and ExpressRoute locations will become available in the coming weeks.

Improving Azure App Service Node.js and PHP developer experience with Linux support
In March 2015, Azure App Service became generally available, making it easier for web developers to do cool things in the cloud. In addition to a great experience for .NET developers, it supports PHP, Node.js, Java, and Python stacks, as well as a number of open source web products. A new public preview introduces native Linux support for Node.js and PHP stacks.

Name update for Microsoft Cognitive Services in invoices
As of October 11, 2016, customers using Microsoft Cognitive Services for Bing Search APIs, Bing Autosuggest APIs, and Bing Speller APIs will see new overage meters in their invoices. Previously, for any Standard plan, overages appeared as Standard S2 meters. Resource prices will remain unchanged.



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