Episode 80 - @AzureSupport

by Cale Teeter June 4, 2015

Cale and Evan talk to Jason Johnson from the Azure Customer Response Team - they monitor the @AzureSupport Twitter alias in Azure Engineering and respond to customer questions.

Jason Johnson

Media file: http://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode80.mp3  





Importing data to DocumentDb just got faster and easier



Jelastic on Azure 



Intermediate TLS certificates for Azure App Service Web Apps




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Episode 79 - Azure A-Z

by Sujit D'Mello May 29, 2015

ARM (Azure Resource Manager) - declarative definition for Azure resources
IaaS Virtual Machines - Durable VMs, ideal for migrating workloads with little coding or modifications
Cloud Services (PaaS) -  Platform as a Service offering for hosting web and service (worker) applications.
Azure Batch - Cloud enabling batch and cluster type workloads; bring your exe and we can scale it.
Remote App - Run you apps remotely on virtual machines hosted in Azure, via RDP.
App Service - Underlying service that will host web,api,logic and mobile apps.
Web App - Formerly called websites, these are designed simply to host web applications, with the benefits of PaaS.
API App - Host api type application backends, expose these with automated versioning and deployment built in.
Mobile App - Building the backend for mobile clients, with support for push notifications, auto scale, and sync services.
Logic App - Think biz talk integration in the cloud; this service allows connecting different data source and clients with just a browser.
API Management - Wrap existing web services and api type applications, and get throttling, rate limits, and developer key support.
Notification Hubs - Think push notifications without having to write specific code for each platform on mobile.
Mobile Engagement - Real time mobile monitoring with targeted push notifications with scheduling support.
Azure SQL Database - Platform as a service version of Sql databases.
DocumentDB - NoSql database, great for storing semi-structured data with key difference from Azure tables being multiple indexes.
Redis Cache - High performance, cache as a service with clients for all major vendors.
Azure Storage - Blob storage, table storage and queue storage with virtual unlimited storage.
StorSimple - Think cache to allow files to be served to local, on premises users, managing keeping most frequently used files on premise and archiving less used files to Azure.
Azure Search - Search as a service, bring you index, and scale the search components to enable applications to add search with the need to write the core search functions.
HD Insight - Hadoop clusters in the cloud supporting both windows and linux with clients for all major platforms.
Machine Learning - Predictive analytics in the cloud, build a model, bring your algorithm, and surface you engine with a web service.
Stream Analytics - Bring events into event hubs (on top of service bus) and query these with stream analytics.
Data Factory - Orchestration of data from various data sources including relational database and azure blob storage, and transform with only a browser.
Event Hubs - Working with concert with Service Bus to provide scaled out input to allow massive scale to ingest data from MM of devices.
Service Bus - Enterprise grade messaging bus to provide service to decouple applications from backend processing.
SQL Data Warehouse - Elastic data warehousing  as a service with integration to PowerBI, ML, HDInsight and data factory.
Virtual Networks - Software defined networking, routing control, and hybrid options
Express Route - Private connection, increased speed, lower latency MPLS network
Traffic Manager - Global load balancing, providing both increased performance and failover options
Azure Load Balancer - Internal and external software defined load balancing
Azure DNS - Host your DNS records in Azure to centralize management, hosted DNS services
VPN Gateway - IP Sec in 2 flavors (Site to Site and Point to Site) for flexible hybrid connectivity
Media Services - Bring your video, media services can encode, transcode, stream, and store video and audio at incredible scale.
Encoding - Encode via jobs to multiple formats, scale out for greater performance, with advanced thumbnail, and clip generation.
Azure Media Player - Single player for all your needs, with automatic detection to provide the best playback experience and integrated content protection.
Media Intelligence - Automatic caption generation, extract and index metadata using MSRs DNN (deep neural network) with multi language support!
Content Protection - Full blown key/license service in minutes, dynamic on the fly encryption using AES or PlayReady, support for EME (Encrypted Media Extensions) HTML5
On-Demand Streaming - Simplifies workflow of streaming video (packaging and encryption) with elastic scale, full DVR capabilities, and dynamic manifests for one encode for all.
CDN - Global content delivery network, integrated into Azure, to support massive scalability of user bases and support capacity on demand.
BizTalk Services - Use Hybrid connections to connect on premises servers to Azure, with no firewall changes and out of the box support for EDI,B2B, Partner, EAI, and IOT.
Azure Backup - Reliable offsite backup, with support for incremental backups, encryption in-transit and at rest with geo replication backup store
Azure Site Recovery - Automated protection and replication of VMs from on premises to Azure, with orchestration of failover
Azure Active Directory - Premier Identity and Access management solution for the cloud, SSO, integration with on premises AD, multifactor with enterprise scale.
Multi-Factor Authentication - Deploy on premises or in cloud, realtime fraud monitoring, access via SMS, phone call, or mobile app.
Visual Studio Online - TFS in the cloud…quite simply with support 5 users for free and unlimited private repos.
Visual Studio App Insights - Telemetry collection support both client and server side with support for all popular platforms.
Scheduler - Call services inside and outside Azure on schedules with support for Azure queues.  Great for daily maintenance and developers!
Automation - Process automation leveraging existing PowerShell workflows or create new ones via a highly available engine
Operational Insights - Management for Azure datacenters, with in sight to capacity, updates, and tracking for server configuration changes.
Key Vault - Vault used to secure cryptographic keys and other secrets used by cloud services, ensuring apps don't have direct access to keys
Service Fabric - Rapidly develop and update microservice-based applications
Data Lake - A hyper scale repository for big data analytic workloads
Portal - (newer) Ibiza portal and existing version.
SQL DB Elastic Tools - The elastic database features of Azure SQL DB are designed to simplify data tier development and management especially for Software as a Service (SaaS) developers
Premium Storage - delivers high-performance, low-latency disk support for I/O intensive workloads running on Azure Virtual Machines
Azure Files - SMB file shares on top of Azure Store
Azure Government - is a government-community cloud that offers hyperscale compute, storage, networking, and identity management services, with world-class security.
WebJobs -  Azure WebJobs provide an easy way to run scripts or programs as background processes on App Service Web Apps.

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IaaS just got easier?





ARM templates





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Episode 78 - SQL Azure DB Elastic Tools

by Sujit D'Mello May 21, 2015

Cale and Sujit talk to Stuart Ozer, a Partner Group Program Manager with the Azure DB group about the new preview of the Azure SQL DB Elastic Tools which allows developers to build SaaS scenarios easily.

Media file: http://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode78.mp3






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Episode 77 - Azure by the Numbers

by Evan Basalik May 13, 2015

Azure is all about scale and Evan has pulled some interesting numbers and statistics about Azure that we discuss on this show.

Media file: http://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode77.mp3


  • As of March 26, 2015, there are 4.9M organizations are using Azure AD
  • There are more than 430M identities in Azure Active Directory:
  • The majority of the 4.9M are smaller businesses and have < 500 employees.
  • A subset of the 4.9M organizations are medium/large and have 500 or more employees. Because these organizations are comparatively large, they account for 93% of identities in Azure AD.
    • 55% of them are using Azure AD Sync (or its predecessor DirSync) to provision identities in Azure AD.
    • 2% of them are using a 3rd party cloud identity service (i.e. Centrify, Okta, OneLogin, etc.) for provisioning.
    • Another 2% use a wide variety of home grown and custom provisioning tools.
    • The remainder are using one of our portals (Azure or Office365) and PowerShell scripts for provisioning.
  • There are over 1B authentications per day to Azure AD
  • 56% are cloud only authentications and completed directly by Azure AD
  • 32% are authentications completed by an ADFS server deployed at a customer site
  • 7% are authentications completed using a password that was synced from on-premises using our Password Sync feature
  • Just over 1% are authentications completed by syndication partners (i.e. large companies who resell Microsoft services)
  • Just under 1% are authentications completed by a 3rd third party federation server (i.e. CA Site Minder, Ping, etc.)
  • Just under 1% are authentications completed by a 3rd party identity service (i.e. a company like Centrify, Okta, OneLogin, etc.)
  • The remaining 1% are completed with a variety of open source and custom solutions.


  • 57% of Fortune 500 companies now use Azure 
  • Over 300,000 active websites 
  • More than 30 trillion storage objects
  • 3 million requests per second
  • 13 billion authentications per week 
  • Over a million SQL databases in Azure 
  • 300 million Azure Active Directory users 
  • 1.65 million developers registered with Visual Studio Online 









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Episode 76 - BUILD and Ignite News

by Sujit D'Mello May 7, 2015

Keywords: ,

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Episode 75 - Logic Apps

by Administrator April 30, 2015

Evan, Cale and Sujit talk to Senior Azure PM Josh Twist on these new style of cloud services called Logic Apps. We discuss the evolution of this service and some typical scenarios.



Media file: http://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode75.mp3





Catch up on some new Azure announcements from BUILD:




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Episode 74 - Azure Data Factory

by Cale Teeter April 22, 2015

Cale gives us the low-down on the Data Factory service.

Service details: http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/data-factory/

Media file: http://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode74.mp3

Great guidance on Cloud Application Design and Implementation from the Patterns and Practices team at Microsoft. https://github.com/mspnp/azure-guidance

Upcoming Azure Bootcamp sessions: http://global.azurebootcamp.net/



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Episode 73 - Partner Spotlight - Cloud Point

by Sujit D'Mello April 15, 2015

We talk to Hugh Valentine of Cloud Point, an Azure hybrid, hosting and migration specialist firm in the UK. He shares some thoughts and observations on cloud adoption and migration strategies.

Hugh Valentine



Cloud Control:



Media file: http://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode73.mp3


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Episode 72 - Hybrid Networking

by Sujit D'Mello April 9, 2015

We talk with Ganesh Srinivasan, a Senior PM in the Azure team who manages the VPN and Express Route services that open the door for all sorts of interesting hybrid cloud/on-premises scenarios.

Media file: http://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode72.mp3


Other links:

Container Blog Posts:




Nano Blog Post:




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Episode 71 - Ibiza Portal

by Sujit D'Mello April 1, 2015

Evan and Sujit talk to Adam Abdelhamed who is a PM for the new Azure Portal. He gives us the scoop on the design of the new Portal and future plans.

Media File:  http://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode71.mp3


Provide feedback on the new portal: http://feedback.azure.com/forums/223579-azure-preview-portal

Great resource for diagnosing and fixing a number of VNET and hybrid issues:





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