Episode 25 - Notification Hubs

by Sujit D'Mello April 23, 2014


Notification Hubs provide a push infrastructure with the following advantages:


  • Multiple platforms : iOS, Android and Windows
  • Works with any back-end. Cloud or on-premises, .NET, PHP, Java, Node, etc.
  • Scale. Notification Hubs scale to millions of devices without the need of re-architecting or sharding. Available in all regions.
  • Rich set of delivery patterns. Associate devices with tags, representing logical users or interest groups.
  • Personalization. Each device can have one or more templates, to achieve per-device localization and personalization without affecting back-end code.
  • Security. Shared Access Secret (SAS) or federated authentication.
  • Rich telemetry. Available in the portal and programmatically.




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Device APIs


Device APIs are only used to register devices from mobile apps (for security reasons, they do not expose Send methods). They automate the management of Notification Hubs-related information in the device local storage, and they support registration for a single PNS (for example, the Windows Store device APIs only register Windows devices).


Notification Hubs currently provides the following device API sets:





Back-end APIs


Back-end APIs are used to send notifications and for registration management from the back-end for all platforms.


Notification Hubs currently provides the following back-end API sets:







All Notification Hubs functionality is available using REST APIs. For more information, see Notification Hubs REST APIs.



The Build video on Notification Hubs is at http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2014/2-616.



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